About Serving Alto Cayma

We have been invited to work in partnership with Serving Alto Cayma (SAC), a vital, compassion-centered team serving nearly 400 individuals and families. Our partnership is focused on Alto Cayma and its ever expanding borders in the outskirts of Arequipa, Peru, a city of over one million people.

Established in 2003 by Jim and Gloria Hintz, SAC is a compassion based ministry providing life services for the poor of Arequipa, Peru in settlements on the edge of the city. People come from the high mountain regions to the city to seek a better life. Most adults do not have the skills required to obtain jobs by which they can adequately provide for their families. Through sponsorships from benevolent individuals many needs of these poor are met to improve their lives and their chances of improving life for themselves and their families. SAC has eased the suffering of hundreds of elderly people by providing for their most urgent needs, such as food and medications. SAC has also enabled hundreds of young people to get an education by providing them with school supplies and tutoring when they are in primary and secondary school and by helping them with tuition and other expenses to get a professional or technical degree at a university or technical institute. An integral part of SAC's interface with the people it serves has always been the teaching and instilling of positive values, to enable the people to improve the culture within their own homes. SAC's Legal Office has also helped transform the culture of the community by prosecuting cases of family abandonment and abuse.