A month of transitions

June was rather eventful for us.  We...

* ... finished tying up various loose ends for our transfer to Peru.

* ... packed up and moved out of our lovely rental house.  That house, with its huge trees and picturesque street, was a special gift from God to us during our year of regrouping.

* ... sardined ourselves and most of our Peru-bound luggage into our faithful Toyota minivan for our drive from Oregon to Ohio... and enjoyed a blissfully uneventful 4-day trip (no blown transmissions or differentials this time).

* ... had a good 10-day visit with John's folks in Ohio, while savoring our last days together with Rebekah (who is staying there).  Yeah, saying good-bye to her was not fun.

* ... made all our flights, mostly without incident.  We landed in Arequipa, Peru early on 20 June, made our beds, and flopped into them for a 4-hour nap.

* ... have spent the past week acclimating to our new, arid home at 8800 feet.  After unpacking we've been reacquainting ourselves with the area, renewing relationships with folks we know here, looking for housing, filling the fridge (no grocery stores around the corner), and having fun conversations with taxi drivers about the World Cup.

It is very good to be here!

Website launch (Huzzah!)

Thanks for visiting!  We look forward to giving you a glimpse of what God is doing in Alto Cayma.  But first... we have to get back there!  The mad packing/pitching/cleaning has begun in our house, as we are scheduled to leave Salem, OR on June 5th.